John Polacek

Lead Web Developer at Gesture,
mobile bidding fundraising technology for charity events.

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Expressive CSS

See and share how web pages look at different screen sizes

Simple Grid and Simple Grid Generator

A simple, easy-to-use 12-column responsive grid with some nice features.

A SASS grid generator for creating responsive grids with some nice features.


See and share how web pages look at different screen sizes


The jQuery Plugin for Big Background Video (and images)


Control HTML5 Presentations with node.js


The jQuery plugin for doing cool scrolly stuff.


jQuery plugin for stacking tables on small screens.

Extra Strength Responsive Grids

A Fluid CSS Grid System for Responsive Web Design

Open Source For Fame and Fortune

Animated Slide Deck from my talk at Techweek Chicago

Channel of Awesome

Web playlists of YouTube and Vimeo videos that play fullscreen in a loop

What The Heck Is Responsive Web Design?

Introductory presentation to Responsive Web Design
(uses my Scrolldeck plugin)


Match The Letter

A picture game that helps kids learn the alphabet.

Video Gallery

Simple app built for quickly creating custom video galleries using the Corona SDK.

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