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Control HTML5 Presentations
with node.js

Created by Chicago Web Developer John Polacek.

I work at AuctionsByCellular.
We make mobile bidding and auction software
to help charities raise more money.

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Use controldeck.js to run HTML5 presentation frameworks like flowtime.js, deck.js, reveal.js and impress.js. Run locally or on a node.js server.

Note: the hosted demo is on a shared appfog instance,
so commands will be sent across all users browsing the slides.

Getting Started

First, download the source. Open up a terminal window, use npm to install the dependencies, then run the app.

npm install
node app

Go to http://localhost:8080 to view the demo page.

Choose one of the demos and open the slides and controller links in separate windows. Push the buttons in the controller window to control the slides.

Make Your Own

Create your own slide deck using one of the presentation frameworks. Embed the and controldeck-slide.js scripts at the bottom of the page, before the </body> tag.

<!-- controldeck.js -->
<script src="/"></script>
<script src="/controldeck-slides.js"></script>

Use the 2 button controller or create your own. Refer to the examples for how to do it. The code is straightforward. The controller pages simply use Node.js and to pass along commands to the slides page.

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